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Founder Frances Paderno has been a practitioner and yoga instructor for over 23 years. Having completed her formal training with Vivekananda Yoga Institute, and holding a Masters of Education (RMIT), she brings articulation and attention to detail to her teachings.

As an acknowledged author, her research skills and academic background bring a solid foundation to her wellbeing practice. Having presented numerous research papers at conferences and summits, Frances is no stranger to pressure and commanding audience attention. Her love for community wellbeing is paramount. As a mother of five children, she has a profound depth of compassion for her fellow human and their journey towards optimal wellbeing. 

Frances also specialises in Esoteric Acupuncture and is a Chemical Free Facial Rejuvenation Specialist using Chinese Medicine principles and applications.

"Our Wellbeing Centre is here to provide respite, care and knowledge to an ever increasing demand for health and wellbeing."

Frances Paderno massage therapist Lorne & Apollo Bay and principal Yoga Teacher
Lorne Massage, Apollo Bay Massage, Lorne Yoga, Apollo Bay Yoga
Massage Therapist Lorne, Massage Therapist Apollo Bay, Raynor Massage Practitioner and Teacher

Fabio Paderno has been a bodywork & massage therapist for 20 years. Fabio not only brings theoretical knowledge to clients, but practical knowledge accumulated from varied work related roles and experiences. 

Having graduated from Victoria University with a Degree in Business, Fabio has held executive corporate operational roles with some of Australia's largest corporations and multinationals. Understanding the impacts of modern day pressures on mind & body he brings a level of tangibility and empathy to his practice. With a sound knowledge in traditional Martial Arts, and how to treat injury and physical stress, he delivers treatments with a practical approach.

A strong advocate for mental health, especially mens mental health, his simple signature wellness coaching programs deliver effective practical solutions to effect and drive change.

Fabio also delivers accredited massage courses as well as professional development programs for students keen to learn massage & bodywork and start a new career in wellbeing or add to their already established tool kit of therapies. 


"Community wellbeing is paramount. We must effect change within community to drive change globally."

Located on The Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay, Lorne and Melbourne Victoria, our boutique wellbeing centres offer a variety of  yoga classes both in studio and online, with our signature beach yoga classes held daily in summer in Apollo Bay. 

We also offer a vast selection of therapies from massage/bodywork, energy balancing, along with advanced energy healing modalities. Our 1:1 consults and coaching programs deliver gold standard content to assist clients who make the commitment in taking a deep dive into better understanding themselves.

Our luxurious 7 Senses Wellbeing Series Retreats take you deeper with teachings and are designed to deliver transformation and a greater level of understanding as you journey along your wellbeing path.

Massage Lorne, Lorne Massage, Lorne Yoga, Apollo Bay Massage, Massage Apollo Bay, Apollo Bay Yoga, Yoga Apollo Bay
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