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Esoteric Acupuncture

Experience the power & potency of Esoteric Acupuncture Encodings. These powerful geometric needling patterns have the ability to unlock certain information and enhance, expand and accelerate consciousness & align mind body & spirit

30min $90 / 60min $180  



Using traditional Eastern energy medicine, drawn from the Japanese lineage, Reiki opens you up to universal and cosmic energy, so that your body is able to remember how to rejuvenate from a more expanded state of consciousness.

60min / $180


Advanced Energy Balancing

This advanced form of energy healing gives you access to finer frequencies of energy and higher levels of consciousness. It is a higher level of addressing health issues using techniques to bring about complete transformation that moves beyond healing and into a state of wellbeing.

60min $180


Seasonal Energy Medicine

In this session we work deeply with the nervous system and the cross polarities of the right and left side of the brain and body. It offers the body and mind complex time to deeply align with the season & absorb what is needed for physical wellbeing, emotional stability and mental clarity.

60min $180

Nothing needs to be said, you can only experience the transformation.

Carly Simmons

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