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Coastal Relaxation

Immerse yourself in the moment & surrender to space & time. Let the day melt away and wash the tension from mind & body, with long soothing strokes and gentle joint manipulations that will leave you refreshed & recharged.

30min $80 / 60min $150 / 90min $225



This powerful technique promotes blood flow by directly placing suction cups on affected muscle. By manipulating suction concentration, the muscle is flushed with blood, feeding the muscle with nutrients as well as moving along any metabolic waste that allows the muscle to relax and detox the the body.

30min $90 / 60min / $165 / 90min $250


Naturopathic Raynor Technique

The Raynor Technique is deeply transformative. It works through the physical bands located though out the body anchored in hands and feet. Deep pressure and joint manipulation is applied along with detailed therapy of the hands & feet which allows the practitioner to locate and dissolve anchored bands of tension throughout the body. The therapist assists in coaching you with breath work that allows for deep emotional release of anchored stress/trauma/anxieties caused by physical & psychological trauma.


We suggest you call and discuss this treatment with us.

(A course of treatments is highly recommended)

$250 per hour


Targeted Band Therapy

Identifying through the 24 physical bands that network the body, anchored tensions and directly targeting and dissolving this tension.

30min $90 / 60min $165


Signature Deep Tissue/Remedial

By applying long deeper strokes, our deep tissue massage will soothe those tight muscles & fascia, releasing built up tension. By applying techniques that work deep into the muscle, range of movement  and flexibility is restored,

30min $90 / 60min $165 / 90min $250


Reflexology "Qi" Massage

Gentle pressure is applied to reflex points of the body, most commonly found in the hands, feet & ears. By stimulating these points through touch, we encourage "Qi" (life force) to flow and release blockages caused by stress, physical, emotional & psychological tension.

30min $90 / 60min $180


Coastal Signature
Couples Massage

Spend time together immersing yourselves with our signature couples massage. Tailor your treatment according to each of your requirements, or allow our practitioners to deliver luxurious relaxation and rejuvenation.  

60min $350

Amazingly surprised at the powerful and transformative nature of this bodywork treatment (Naturopathic Raynor Technique). Understanding how cumulative tension impacts the body and how the body hides tension blew my mind. 

Chris Brady 

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